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HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS is a leading manufacturers & Suppliers of Bakery Ovens (Electrical/ oil /Gas ), Planetary Cake Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Electric Deck Oven, Cream Mixer & all kind of Bakery Machines. We also provide a wide range of Rotary Rack Ovens. HTS Rotary Rack Ovens are high-tech, Quality Product of sturdy, yet elegant construction. As a result of through research and development the HTS Rotary Rack ovens  have been designed for a high degree reliability and consistence uniformity of bake to meet the exacting needs of today's professional bakers.

 Rotary Rack Oven, Rotary Ovens, Revolving Ovens, Rotary Rack Ovens India, Roatary rack Ovens Manufacturers, Bakery Ovens, Bakery Ovens India, Rotary Rack Bakery Ovens, Deisel Ovens, Gas Ovens, Rotary Rack Ovens India, Rotary Rack Oven India

Within their field of application the Rotary Ovens, model HRO, meet any working requirements. This model has been specially designed to ensure quick and economical performance. It bakes bread by using wet,  stabilized and homogeneous heat. These ovens are used in the bakery and confectionery industry; owing to the baking system adopted. The baking is carried out by the passage of air, heated by a heat exchanger, through to a Multi-layer rack which is loaded with trays, offering the best result for small and large sized bread as well as any other similar products.
The rack is stand on the Flore of the oven and rotates on its axis by means of electromechanical system placed on the oven ceiling.

The Rotary Rack Oven consists of:
Oven front: made of stainless steel, it is composed of 2 columns, a switchboard, a hood and a thick door properly insulated. Inside the door is equipped with a safety handle. There is also a Glass window to check the products.

Baking chamber: Uniformly distribute the air and allow an easy cleaning. The floor is equipped with a chute enables the easy loading of racks. The lighting gives a good vision of the product.

Heat exchanger: consisting of:
• A stainless steel combustion chamber pre-arranged for operation with a gas-oil, natural gas or LPG burner.
• Large surfaces smoke stack to give optimum thermal exchange.

Covering: made of stainless steel. The long fiber Glass wool insulation guarantees a minimum loss of heat.

Control system:
• Digital Temperature Controler with constant temperature display, and safety thermostat.
• Automatic system for starting and stopping trolley rotation in the proper position according to the door
High Density Glass wool insulation  for maximum power saving.
Automatic baking time regulating system with buzzer, warning system in case of burner or hot air fan
malfunction, and chamber lighting switch.


Steam generator: it is placed between the heat exchanger and the baking chamber and it has a large steam capacity.  Steam can be produced either automatically or manually, is governed by the control panel by means of the solenoid valve.

Model No.





 No. Tray

(Tray Size 12"x18") 





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