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Double Deck Bakery Oven

HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS is the best provider for Deck Bakery Ovens (Electric/Gas ) & Bakery Equipment in India. We provide a wide range of Bakery Ovens in Deck modules. A deck Bakery oven is a specific type of deck oven. An electric deck oven is usually designed in a similar way to a Small Bakeries & Large bakeries, i.e. shaped in a rectangular fashion with wide flat trays and often, though not always, standing on legs. Electric deck ovens are general purpose and can be used to bake a wide range of food items. Electric deck ovens are desgined so that food can be moved into and out of the oven very rapidly.Electric deck ovens will usually have Digital control panels and thermostats. HTS Electric Baking oven is a best choice of electric deck oven for small bakeries, Cake Pastry Shops, Restaurants, Pizza Shops, School & Collage Canteens, Fast Food Centers, Confectionery Shops and Hotels.

Use. Ideal for baking all types of bakery products.Electric Bakery Oven, Electric Deck Oven, Deck Ovens, Electric Bakery Ovens India, Bakery Ovens India, Bakiery Machines India, Electric Baking Ovens India, Bakers Equipments, Kitchen Equipments, Commercial Kitchen Equipments India, Planetary Cake Mixers

Operation. Their operation based on uniform heat distribution through heating elements, which generate heat and create a baking environment in the chambers providing for the selection of a different temperature on each chamber and the chamber’s floor and roof. Also the operator can operate only the required chambers.

Construction. The oven is entirely made of metal and the rows of heating elements are placed above and below each chamber.High density glass wool insulation for maximum power saving.

Standard equipment.
• Oven chamber lighting
• Electronic Thermostat/ Digital Temperature Controller for baking temperature control
• Reduced Power Function System
• High density glass wool insulation for maximum power saving


Timer with buzzer for baking time control

Model No.    Electric Load      Baking Chamber Size          Baking Capacity
 HBE 26     10.0 KW           760x900x2mm                300 Kg./Day
 HBE 28      14.0 KW          950x1250x2mm               480 Kg./Day
 HBE 212    22.0 KW         1420x1250x2mm              660 Kg./Day
 HBE 216    30.0 KW         1880x1250x2mm              960 Kg./Day
 HBE 220    36.0 KW         2350x1250x2mm            1200 Kg./Day

  • Silent Features:-

    1. Economical in Price
    Electric deck ovens are economical in price than a comparable Rotary Rack oven.Bakery Oven, Electric Deck Oven, Bakery Ovens, Electric Deck Ovens, Bakery Ovens India, Bakery ovens Asia, Electric deck ovens India, Electric Deck ovens Asia, Baking Ovens, Baking Ovens India, Baking Ovens Asia, Bakery Equipments, Bakery Machines, Oven, Ovens, Electric Ovens, Electric Ovens Asia, Electric Ovens India

    2. Fuel Saving Oven

    A Electric Deck Oven can save as much as 35% or more of the fuel costs of a rotary rack oven & gas oven of the same capacity. Single Phase Electric Deck Oven also can be operated by a small generator.

    3. Great Baking Quality
    Electric deck oven has the same retention properties and baking qualities of a brick oven…great crust, great color and maximum shelf life!

    4. Low Maintenance Costs

    A Electric Deck Oven has NO MOVING PARTS and is virtually maintenance free…no bearings or bushings or other costly, wearing parts to maintain or replace.

    5. Long Life Oven
    Our Electric Deck Ovens Electronic parts make of reputed company (i.e. L&T, BCH & ABB). HTS Electric Deck Ovens heating elements are Sweden make "KANTHAL" that give oven long life without any maintenance. 

    6. Easy Working

    Electric Deck Oven is designed so that trays can be moved into and out of the oven very fast. Our Electric Deck Ovens has no requirement of trained operator.

    7. Space Saving Designs

    A Electric deck oven takes less space than a comparable Rotary Rack oven. Electric Deck oven available in 1, 2 or 3 decks to produce large production.

    8. Easy Handeling
    HTS Electric Deck Ovens are easy to move anywhere like basement, ground flore, 1st flore, 2nd flore...... and place that have a small door.

    9. Availability
    Ready Stock

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