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HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Planetary mixer, Cake Mixer, Planetary Cream Mixer & Bakery Equipments in India Since 1996.We provide a wide range of Bakery Ovens in Deck modules. We also provide a wide range of Gas Deck Ovens, Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer & Conveyor Oven. HTS Deck Ovens are high-tech, quality products of sturdy, yet elegant construction. As a result of through research and development the ovens have been designed for a high degree reliability and consistence uniformity of bake to meet the exacting needs of today's professional Bakers. Experience some new avenues in the heating engineering sector with HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS. We provide a wide range of  Bakery Oven, Deck Electric Oven, Double Deck Electric Oven, Deck Gas Oven, Pizza Oven, Rotary Rack Oven & all kind of Bakery Machines. HTS is a leading Manufacturer of all type Bakery Ovens & Bakers Equipments exactly to costumer's requirement.

Planetary Mixer

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HTS planetary mixers can meet the most demanding workloads with ease. HTS planetary mixers are built using the finest components, along with a thoroughly engineered gearbox, resulting in a mixer that performs efficiently and smoothly. HTS planetary mixers work quietly, with efficient power transfer and exceptional durability.


Electric Deck Oven

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A Deck Bakery oven is a specific type of deck oven.´╗┐An electric deck oven is usually designed in a similar way to a Bakers Industries & Small Bakeries, i.e. shaped in a rectangular fashion with wide flat trays and often, though not always, standing on legs. ............   


Gas Bakery Oven

Gas Bakery Oven

Gas deck ovens are also general purpose and can be used to bake the same type of foods as the Electric Bakery Oven. The ovens are manufactured under stringent quality control methods at our modern facility ensuring reliability under arduous operating conditions.more

   Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer

HTS Spiral Mixers that is suitable for quick mixing of biscuit dough, chapati dough, bread & pav dough. These mixers are designed and developed in accordance with various industrial norms and standards. The raw material used in the fabrication of these mixers is procured from a reliable vendor base to ensure optimum quality of the end products.


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